Plastic Model Toys Wholesale Company

Seller Information

Business Plastic Model Toys Wholesale Company
Top line JPY 5 billion
Reason for sale Lack of the Successors

Buyer Information

Business Toys Wholesale Company
Top line JPY 150 billion
Purpose of acquisition Integrating model toys business
Scheme Share Transfer

The target company was a plastic model toys wholesale company, taking the leadership in that business industry, of long standing in Japan.
It had been constantly keeping profit based on the strong relationship with manufacturing companies and customer networks built by the predecessor.
The company, however, had problems of “decrease in sales due to decreasing birthrate and aging of the population”, “aging of employees” and “lack of a successor”

The president (the owner) was in his late 60’s.
Having taken the business succession into consideration, the owner decided to sell the company.

A toys wholesale company (a listed company in Japan). found that suppliers network very attractive, and believed that it was possible to make a big increase in the sales by using the buyer’s sales channel.
As a result, the target company was acquired by that listed company.

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