Home-Visit Care Company

Seller Information

Business Home-Visit Care Company
Top line JPY 200 million
Reason for sale Business Selection and Concentration

Buyer Information

Business Hospital Group
Top line JPY 3 billion
Purpose of acquisition Providing Comprehensive Medical and Care Services in the Region
Scheme Business Transfer

The target company was a property management company in Japan.
The company was also operating a home-visit care business in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Because of “the less relation between a home-visit care business and a property management business” and “the progress of employees aging”,
the future of the home-visit care business had been getting uncertain year by year.

Considering the future success of employees on the big stage, the company decided to sell the home-visit care business.
Letters of intent (LOIs) were presented from a same industry company, a different industry company, and a hospital group, etc.

Based on the president’s consideration as explained above, the home-visit care business was sold, in the form of a business transfer, to the hospital group in Japan
which operates comprehensive medical and care services in the same region.

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